Thursday, April 29, 2010

Polar Fleece Knot Blankets

Thursday 29th April, 2010

While down in Victoria I was told about polar fleece knot blankets, which I thought would be a good thing for the kids to make and help keep them warm on these cooler nights. I was given a project sheet from spotlight but lost it between then and now.
So yesterday the kids and I went shopping at spotlight for some material and then the fun began. Even more so when I ask them for the project sheet and they said they didn't have any, so what follows is from what I can remember from being on the sheet.

for each blanket you need two peices of polar fleece the same size.You can use the same colour is you wish but we chose to do two different colours. Our peices are 2m x 1.5m
Lay the first peice of material right side down, or wrong side facing up towards you.

Then place the second peice on top but with right side face up. So you should have both the wrong sides facing each other in the middle.
You will need to trim them. My kids found out that the measuring of material when purchased is not an exact science. Miss Z bought the pre-cut fabric that was $12.95 for the 2m x 1.5 and after matching them up where the same size. Master J and Miss E fabric however was taken off the roll and we had some trimming to do...
Once your materials match together, you need to cut out a 13cm x 13cm square from each corner like so.
Don't forget to do all four corners. Then we cut strips  13 cm long about every 2-3cm around the 4 edges.
Once you have cut around the 4 edges you then you knot together the top and bottom peices of fabric. We just did simple knot . Miss Z started out only doing the first cross over and under like in tying your shoelaces and discovered that mum was right you had to do it twice to knot or it will come undone. Miss E was happy as she could master the first bit which was like tying the schoe lace. Mum just followed along and did it a second time to get it to knot.
And there you have it a really warm blanket to put around your knees or snuggle under on a cold winters night.