Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Definition of Futile

Wed 11th January 2012

What is your definition of futile.  

We have these mini tumble weed things, not sure what their correct name is, so mini tumble weeds does well. They are a grass seed that float around effortlessly in the wind. We have a few that we have faithfully been raking and placing in the bin, but you have to stop and ask your self," Should I bother?"

Thursday 5th, we arrive home after a lovely picnic tea to this.

We mowed and raked and cleared away the majority.

Monday 9th, we arrive home once again to discover this.....

They get mowed.

Wed 11th January, 12pm

The wind has just been blowing and blowing and with fear of getting a letter from the real estate, I was once again out mowing until the mower had run out of juice. Then  by 6pm.......

And after a phone call at 7:30 with a local who informed me that before we moved in it was up to the eaves, I think I found my new definition of futile.