Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Miss Z's Registration via Documentation

22nd February, 2012.

Well I'm not the smartest person on the block as I have just relized that you could very well read this post before you read the other 2 posts that I have made today. In which case you don't realise that I made my original post about registration using Miss E's work. After I finished it, I then felt guilty and have done up a post using Master J's work and now this one for Miss Z.

Miss Z's application will be her last. Thats right. I only have another 2 years left until she legally does not need to be in school, so therefore able to be registered for homeschooling. Its a bit of a scary thought to think that only 2 years ago the leaving school age was 15. That would have been this year for Miss Z. 

So below are my files that I sent for her registration for stage 5 which is years 9 & 10.

First her completed work for years 7 & 8, stage 4.

Followed by her samples of learning. This comprised of 7 pages.

Then came the plan for the next two years.

So there it is, her final application for homeschooling. All accept and now I just wait for the certificate. I will say this, sending everything in as a pdf via email certainly made it a cheap option and I didn't have to clean the house before the interview.

Master J's documentation

22nd February 2012.

Ok. So I got the guilts and decided to included the other kids work as well. After all I do have 3 kids so why not show off all their works.

Master J is starting year 7 this year so his planning has been for stage 4, which means his samples are for stage 3, years 5 & 6.

Work completed in stage 3 took 4 pages.


His sample of learning only took 5 pages.


And his plan for stage 4 took 5 pages.

I did make a note in my summary that I was short 2 electives and that these would be worked out next year. Who knows whats going to happen then.

Registration via Documentation

22nd February 2012,

It is that time once again when my registration to homeschool my children has come due. I have been very lucky in that for the last 3 times I have had a home visit, which unlike some, I think this is the best option. All my books are here, the kids are here and I'm here to chat with. I can answer those burning questions that the AP (Authorised Person) has and at the end of it all, he leaves me a slip of paper saying I'm legally allowed to educate my children.

Well this time was different. The NSW Board of Studies is now making you register via documentation every second registration, provided there have been no problems. So now the stress and worry about what to included in this process began to set in. To compound the issue we moved 4 months ago to a new area which meant a new AP. How was he going to cope with my methods? How do you even provide enough info to a total stranger?

Lucky for me, in the letter I recieved to remind me that my registration was due and that I had to do it via documentation, it made a comment that the documents would be sent to the person who did the last home visit, if possible. A quick phone and I was told that, yes, if I made note of it, they would send my applications to my old AP.

So as I tend to look at what others are doing and how they record their learning, I thought I would share what I sent in for my documentation. Of course I'm not going to share the actual application as thats just a 2 page form asking for personal details and what years I am planning to teach so of no use to you anyway. And yes, it was sent to my old AP and he rang me the other day to say that I had the go ahead to continue on with homeschooling. My certificate will be mailed out to me shortly.

Anyway, I had been previously told that anything you send to the BOS will be scanned and emailed to the AP's so I decided that I would just do up everything into PDF's. Now bear with me, as I have had to then do a screen print of the pdf pages and save them as a picture. I'm hoping that its not to bad to look at and hopefully you will get the jist of what I have done.

This is Miss E. Application. She has just completed Kindergarten, so the next 2 years of planning are based on stage 1, which is years 1 and 2. The first pdf file was the application.

The second was a pdf of what she had completed in early stage 1 (kindergarten). It was a 2 page document.

The 3rd pdf file was the sample of learning. This was a 7 page document. The first page was a photo of a diary page. The following 6 were photos that covered the 6 key learning areas. I took photos as we don't have a scanner. That way I could also fit a couple of pictures on a page and not have so many pages as well.

 The 4th and last pdf was my plans for the next 2 years. It was 5 pages long. This is because 2 of those pages are the scope and sequence for maths that I copied and pasted. If it wasn't for that it would have only been the 3 pages.

I'm not a big detail person, listing mainly the topics that we covered and are planning to cover. It got me another 2 years registration, so I'm happy. I also had to do applications for Master J and Miss Z, who are both in High School this year. The layout was the same, just their info inside the documents.
So there you have it. Next time it will be the home visit, but I have 2 years to worry about that.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


1st February, 2012

So who read the title and thought "what the?"

Dolphins, porpoise and whales are all cetaceans. They are marine mammals.

Miss E has just finished her first lapbook for the year that was a pack from In the hands of a child. I have a super membership with them and as a result every month I get a new lapbook project pack to download. These come out to members before they hit the store for the public to buy, so not sure if it has been released yet or not, but it wont be too far away. It was the Dolphins, Porpoises and Whales for K-4.(HOCPP1409)
The project packs come with an information guide, layout guide and the templates for all the mini books. We don't ever seem to follow the layout guide, but that half the fun at the end decided on what goes where.

So as you can imagine we have been reading about and watching alot of dolphins and whales in the house for the last 4 weeks. I think we managed to clear out the local library of anything that even remotely looked like it had anything to do with sea life.

So here are the finished pictures.

The activities include:

Vocabulary, Marine Mammals, Fish or Cetacean, Draw a fish and Cetacean, Classification, Toothed or Baleen, Write a dolphine story, parts of a dolphin, how they breath, Echolocation, habitat, freshwater dolphins, life cycle, bull cow calf, how they swim, diet, predators, species, how big and protect them.

Federation Art

23rd January 2012

Art. What is good when it comes to art? To my way of thinking it is all in the eye of the beholder.
We have just been to the the Federation Art Exhibition. Master J thought he would rather be having root canal treatment than be there. But I pulled the "Its part of your schooling, so just suck it up" rant.

We wondered and pondered, and all decided that we didn't like the judges choice.

So here are ours.

First up Miss E Choice of painting 

And for her favourite photo, another horse picture.

Miss Z, surprised me and went not for the horses but the cats.

And then for her photo.....

Master J chose a photo, which I'm sure was only because of the face

He did eventually come up and tell me he found a painting that he like, but it wasn't part of the exhibition. so here it is anyway.

As for me, this was my pick of the bunch.

Life would be boring if we all like the same thing.