Thursday, February 9, 2012


1st February, 2012

So who read the title and thought "what the?"

Dolphins, porpoise and whales are all cetaceans. They are marine mammals.

Miss E has just finished her first lapbook for the year that was a pack from In the hands of a child. I have a super membership with them and as a result every month I get a new lapbook project pack to download. These come out to members before they hit the store for the public to buy, so not sure if it has been released yet or not, but it wont be too far away. It was the Dolphins, Porpoises and Whales for K-4.(HOCPP1409)
The project packs come with an information guide, layout guide and the templates for all the mini books. We don't ever seem to follow the layout guide, but that half the fun at the end decided on what goes where.

So as you can imagine we have been reading about and watching alot of dolphins and whales in the house for the last 4 weeks. I think we managed to clear out the local library of anything that even remotely looked like it had anything to do with sea life.

So here are the finished pictures.

The activities include:

Vocabulary, Marine Mammals, Fish or Cetacean, Draw a fish and Cetacean, Classification, Toothed or Baleen, Write a dolphine story, parts of a dolphin, how they breath, Echolocation, habitat, freshwater dolphins, life cycle, bull cow calf, how they swim, diet, predators, species, how big and protect them.

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