Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Miss Z's Registration via Documentation

22nd February, 2012.

Well I'm not the smartest person on the block as I have just relized that you could very well read this post before you read the other 2 posts that I have made today. In which case you don't realise that I made my original post about registration using Miss E's work. After I finished it, I then felt guilty and have done up a post using Master J's work and now this one for Miss Z.

Miss Z's application will be her last. Thats right. I only have another 2 years left until she legally does not need to be in school, so therefore able to be registered for homeschooling. Its a bit of a scary thought to think that only 2 years ago the leaving school age was 15. That would have been this year for Miss Z. 

So below are my files that I sent for her registration for stage 5 which is years 9 & 10.

First her completed work for years 7 & 8, stage 4.

Followed by her samples of learning. This comprised of 7 pages.

Then came the plan for the next two years.

So there it is, her final application for homeschooling. All accept and now I just wait for the certificate. I will say this, sending everything in as a pdf via email certainly made it a cheap option and I didn't have to clean the house before the interview.

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