Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hubbys hard work

My hubby would like to share all the hard work he has done today to make it possible for Clayton to have a home in the garage. if you would like to have a look click on this link.

Hubbys hard work

Meet Clayton

I would like to introduce you to Clayton.

Clayton is the 4 wheel drive you have when you dont four wheel drive.
Clayton became part of our family on Friday 26th Febuary, 2010. A long awaited for addition.

The kids love the electric sunroof. I think its pretty cool as well. The kids also discovered cup holders in the doors, not that they will get to use them.

We have them in the front and a little table thing. This folds down should we not want to use it.

These are our comfy seats with lots of leg room.

This is the kids area, once again notice the leg room. Though when looking for a car we did toss up the idea of buying just a 2 seater and something with a really big boot with all the fighting that has been going on. But the kids asure us they have plenty of room in here.( Don't think that will stop the fighting.)I must admit anything would have plenty of room compared with the Barina ( yes a little beep beep Barina) that we have had as the only family car for the last 18 months.

Boot space, Oh the joy, we have boot space.
This photo is more for mum as I was trying to explain how the top half of the back door opens and the bottom half swings out but I don't think I was doing a good job so here's the picture.

Well we can now go on holidays with more room and I might even be able to fit more than 2 changes of cloths in the boot for everyone.

Don't get me wrong I love the little Barina but our kids just arn't getting any smaller. Miss Z is now taller than me. When that happened I'm not to sure. We are keeping the Barina, that will be my little run around town car or if James needs a car he can have it.

Dirt roads here we come. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Introducing Master LJ - my newest Nephew

So Master LJ, what are your first thoughts about the world you have been born into?

 Yes it has that effect on everyone at some time.

Master LJ was born at 3:20am on Friday 19th February
weighing in at 8lb 11oz.

Master LJ, now that you have had some time to compose your thoughts do you have anything you would like to share?


I'll take that as a no.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

valentines rain trail

Well here it is Valentines Day 14th February 2010 at 7:30 am and its raining. SO I had nothing better to do than go for a wander and see exactly where all the rain has been going. So why not come for a walk with me around our house. We start above looking out from our front verandah.

The rain comes down the drive and rounds the corner and

flows along the front of the verandah. Lets walk down to the far corner to see whats happening.

It has made another turn around the edge of the lounge room.

This is with us standing on the other side of the red gate. That wall is our bedroom.

Moving across the lawn you can still see our bedroom, but the water is still flowing downwards and

collecting with all the water running off the roof. I didn't take the picture up high enough but our house has no gutters. so the water hits the roof and runs down and over the edge on this side of the house. You can just see the trench under our bedroom window. So this water merges with the water that has come down around from the front of the house.

It then continues on an angle across the back lawn. That yellow tree is near our bedroom. As we walk across the lawn heading toward the palmy type trees your feet are going to get wet.

See I told you.

Now we have made it to those palmy type trees and have found another river. Lets go see whats happening behind those trees.

No dry land here.

In fact your feet are even wetter. I think its time to go back inside.
So that concludes our walk today around our very wet house. I hope you enjoyed getting wet with me.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I think its been raining

This is the Kangaroo River 7th Feb, 2010. I'm standing on the Hampton Bridge looking down river. See those trees in the middle of the river, they are normally on dry ground.

This is from on top of the bridge looking up river. The river normally is about half as wide. The pine trees on the right hand side are on dry ground and you can walk around easy with out getting your feet wet to the left. In fact it was only a couple of weekends ago that people where sitting under them for shade on a 40 degree day, while others paddled in the river.

We walked down to take a closer look. Normally you don't have to walk up here amoungst the grass but there was no where else to walk. Do you notice the rubbish in the trees? Thats how high the river has been in the last 3 days. Looking up the embankment there was a very distinct flattening of grass of where the water had been flowing.

Master J is standing up against the tree to give a better understanding of how much high the water got.

This waterfall picture was taken on the Camberwarra Road between Kangaroo Valley and the top of mount Camberwarra. Normally there is no water flowing down the side of the mountain but as you can see today there is plenty. I took the kids to Pathfinders yesterday and it was flowing pretty good then as well.