Friday, February 1, 2013

The Coffin Has Been Sealed........

31st January, 2013

Well thats it. The lid has been shut and the nails are in. Homeschooling is officially over in our house.

Wednesday 30th January was greeted with much delight at 6am by Miss E.
6:30 saw her fed and dressed and chanting, "I'm going to school, I'm going to school". Dropping her off at the school at 8:50 she was buddied up and gone with out even a hug or goodbye. I'm not so proud as to admit that I came home and cried, actually I was crying by the time I got to the car, but even worse when I finally got inside the house. Just as well hubby works from home and could console me.

Thursday 31st did not bring the same enthusiasim for Miss Z..........


No she really wasn't that bad. I did get some smiles out of her....

Master J was so nervous that he couldn't eat his breakfast. But be assured, his appetite is back to normal now.

The end of the 2nd day for Miss E and the first for Miss Z and Master J has seen a thumbs up for school. I believe Master J's comment on facebook was it was cool.

Oh well, I do believe in resurrections, so wont get rid of the idea of homeschooling. There are reasons and seasons for everything and for now this is the schooling season.