Sunday, February 28, 2010

Meet Clayton

I would like to introduce you to Clayton.

Clayton is the 4 wheel drive you have when you dont four wheel drive.
Clayton became part of our family on Friday 26th Febuary, 2010. A long awaited for addition.

The kids love the electric sunroof. I think its pretty cool as well. The kids also discovered cup holders in the doors, not that they will get to use them.

We have them in the front and a little table thing. This folds down should we not want to use it.

These are our comfy seats with lots of leg room.

This is the kids area, once again notice the leg room. Though when looking for a car we did toss up the idea of buying just a 2 seater and something with a really big boot with all the fighting that has been going on. But the kids asure us they have plenty of room in here.( Don't think that will stop the fighting.)I must admit anything would have plenty of room compared with the Barina ( yes a little beep beep Barina) that we have had as the only family car for the last 18 months.

Boot space, Oh the joy, we have boot space.
This photo is more for mum as I was trying to explain how the top half of the back door opens and the bottom half swings out but I don't think I was doing a good job so here's the picture.

Well we can now go on holidays with more room and I might even be able to fit more than 2 changes of cloths in the boot for everyone.

Don't get me wrong I love the little Barina but our kids just arn't getting any smaller. Miss Z is now taller than me. When that happened I'm not to sure. We are keeping the Barina, that will be my little run around town car or if James needs a car he can have it.

Dirt roads here we come. 

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  1. Love the new car! looks great all that extra space will come in handy when you go holidays. Franca