Monday, February 6, 2012

January Travels

January 2012,

One of the things I love about homeschooling is the freedom to explore. We live in such a great country with heaps of places of interest to go exploring in.

Living in a new area is also great as this just means there is more to go and see. New places to see and new things to be learnt.

Mt. Pilot National Park

Early January we took a drive to Mt. Pilot National Park. There are some great Aboriginal site to have a look at, which we plan to go back and spend some more time looking at these.

We walked to the top of Mount Pilot and there we discovered what could be seen as one of the most boring jobs, but a job of worth non the less.

This guy has to sit up in his box from 11am to 7pm and watch for smoke. Its a great view, but still I think it would be mind numbing job.

 I don't think the fire watcher would have seen this little guy from up in his tower.

Woolshed falls 

A very popular place to cool off, but also well known by the locals as a death trap. It was only a few weeks ago that these falls claimed another life. Needless to say we just looked and did not play. The photo doesn't really do justice for how steep the water is falling.

Power's lookout

Harry Power was a gentleman bushranger???? Does gentleman and bushranger belong in the same sentance? Anyway according to the information board Harry Power was polite bushranger. The lookout is where he would take cover and keep an eye on what was happening. It is also the place that he was caught in the early hours of the morning of June 5th, 1870. Because of the stock of food he had, the police where able to have hearty breakfast before taking him to the Wangaratta to be locked up. Power is also known for teaching some of the tricks of the trade to Ned Kelly. Here is the view from the picnic area.

You take a bit of a short walk to get to his lookout. Short but a bit steep. He certainly would have had to been careful walking around the rocks.

But the views are well worth it.


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