Thursday, April 29, 2010

2010 Blue Mountain Holidays day 5 - 10

Well I am lumping this in all together. As I posted in a previous post all my photos for these 5 days have been deleted, never to be seen again. Oh well such is life.
Thursday 25th March - We did get up in time to catch to the 8:12am train into the city centre. We walked to Paddy's Market where we caught the Mono Rail around to the harbour.
Once there we went into the Wildlife world which I got some really good shots of animals. I even got a shot of a frog bottom but alas its gone now so you'll have to use your imagination.
Rode the Mono rail again and then back onto the train for our 2 1/2 hour trip home.
Early to bed tonight as tomorrow is traveling to Victoria day.

Friday 26th March - Having packed everything last night made getting up easier this morning. Actually we were even up before the alarm so once we were dressed it was in the car and on the road by 6am. Today we travelled down to Victoria via the following towns. Oberon, Crookwell ( to stop and get photos of the train station there), Queenbeyan, Cooma, Bombala ( this was lunch stop at 1 - 1:30) Delegate, Orbost, Bruthen, Sale, Trafalgar.

Now 5 km before Orbost we had a blow out which took us forever to change, making us arrive at orbost at 4:35 on a friday afternoon looking for somewhere to get a new tyre, so we also stopped and had tea. so by 6pm we were back on the road arriving at my brothers house at 9pm. What a big day that was.

Saturday 27th March - Sleep, sleep, sleep. No not alday but it was a relaxing day. That afternoon/night all my brothers came around with family and we had pizza. Quick easy and only cost $8 for delivery there.

Sunday 28th March - we travelled to Wallhalla to see yet another steam train. This was ok as we met up with some friend that we have not seen for a long time. The best part, her hubby is a train fanatic too, so we got to talk with each other about interesting stuff while the boys went off taking photo's and film and what ever they do when together around trains.

Monday 29th March - it was decided that we would head home tomorrow instead of Wednesday so we went out to see my newest nephew again and his parents of course. We got the better deal as the Miss Z and Master J stayed behind and we took Miss E and Miss K ( my 2.5yo neice) out to the farm with us.

Tuesday 30th March - On the road again by 7:40am. Stopping in at Eden for lunch and then home around 4:30 I think it was. So much nicer driving with 2 people. So glad to be home. But overall we did have a great holiday.

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