Friday, April 2, 2010

2010 Blue Mountain Holidays day 3

Tuesday 23rd March, 2010

Today we are going to Scenic World in Katoomba.
Katoomba Falls as seen from the skyway.
Once we got to the other side we went for a quick walk around to the top of the Katoomba Falls
Well maybe not all the way to the top, once again there were a lot of stairs. So we went back across on the skyway.
Just to prove I stood on the glass bottom of the skyway and looked down.
Next came the steepest railway in the world.
This was a bunch of screaming school kids. And they were going up!!!!
This was the original one. No cage to keep you in. Why would you even get on?
Just to get some perspective Master J  is standing upright. Thats how steep it is.
They had heaps of mining stuff set up down the bottom.
I was once told that all Norths are related so who know it might be some great great uncle twice removed.
The Cable way was next.
Those famous 3 sisters, what trip to the Blue Mountains would be complete without a photo of them.

Down the bottom I have taken a few more photos.
They have wild life down here, well spiders anyway.
at the bottom of this tree was this sign.
Hubby wasn't keen to let young Miss E lean back so I took a photo of what I saw.
By about 3 we were all getting tired. So we went for a drive to the toy museum.
I have finally worked out how to do the timing thing on my phone, as long as I have a surface to put the phone we are right.
Last but not least, who could resist.

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  1. Looks like you all had a fabulous time.

    That train ride ... there's NO WAY you'd get me on that!!! LOL!