Friday, April 2, 2010

2010 Blue Mountain Holidays day 2

Monday 22nd March, 2010

Today we awoke to a foggy start. Miss E came in at 6 to inform us that it was morning time. So not sure as to  what to do, we took the kids on a walk for 2km one way, to find the information centre. I love how the power poles just blend in with the scenery.
Today is our cheap day, so we did the drive and walk thing. These are some of the places we went to.
Yes I have a thing for signs. Actually I think I have dropped my phone one to many times and it doesn't always focus right any more. It could just be user error. So al lot of my views didn't work. So you just get the signs.
After lots of walking and some lunch we decided to head closer toward Sydney to a science and educational place in Hazelbrook. There the kids got to play with gadgets and brain teasers, see water run up hill and play with some mirrors.
Some mirrors I liked.
After playing for awhile we thought we could handle some more walking so we called into Wentworth Falls on the way home.
Miss E had her eagle eyes open and spotted a red spider.
Along one of the walks were these holes, not sure what they were for but Miss E wanted a picture so here it is.
This is Wentworth Falls.
This was taken on one of the look outs. Prince something look out.
Don't forget the steps. Yet more of them. My butt got a good work out today.
Back to the cabin for tea.
Tomorrow we are off to Scenic World at Katoomba.

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