Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Angels working overtime

 8th January, 2013

"For he will order his angels to protect you wherever you go." Psalm 91:11

What a great promise we have. A couple of nights ago I was reminded of God's love when I was able to take some photos of a passing storm which produced a beautiful rainbow.
 God had just taken Noah and his family through the worst storm ever, and promised that there would not be another like it.

Storms are still bad and scary, maybe they only last a couple of minutes, but it is great to know that when they hit we have angels watching over us.

Last night was a scary 10 minutes.

Miss E had been put to bed at 9 and so the rest of family sat down to watch "War Horse". The landlords dog kept barking out side, so I gave her some water and she sat happily at the back door. More barking started this time with her running away. Normally the landlords dont leave their dogs at work so we thought it a bit strange that she was there.

After the 3rd time we decided that we had better call the landlord to check that everything was ok. This was when we discovered that a storm was coming. Having called the landlord he said he would come and collect his dog and take her home. She was probably upset about the storm.

They came and collected her with winds raging around us. Dust was filling the air and we waited while the landlord checked their silos as we had heard some crashing and bashing. 

Its very hard to see things at about 10:30pm. We don't have street lights out here. Everything must have been fine as the landlord gave us a toot and drove out the drive way.

We continuted on watching the movie for only about 10 minutes, when the wailing of the wind caught our attention. Windows started to shake as the noise of the wind grew louder and louder. Mr J tried to open a door to have a look but the pressure of the wind was too great. We could hear things hitting the windows in the back room, so moved everyone into the front of the house and told them to stay there, as we knew we had a dead tree in the back yard.

The noise subsided, the winds died down. Mr J went out the house through the garage to check out side. Sure enough the once faithful shade giver had fallen. I never really understood a storm coming to a complete stop before, until last night, as that is what it was like. As quick as it came, it was gone. The stars where out shining like nothing had happened at all.
This morning before the sun gets too much heat in it, I went to survey and take photos.

 How truly blessed we are. No damage to the house. The only fatalaty might be the watermelon and rockmelon vines that are now sitting under the tree over near the fence. But I'm not calling that yet, they may have survived.

There was a few other branches down as well.

All I can say is "Thank You God" for giving us angels to watch over us.



  1. Amen, thank You Lord for Your protection over our loved ones.

  2. What a wonderful God we serve- not to say that disasters may never befall us, but we can be assured that God is always present, always has us in His plan and for our best with Him knowing the end from the beginning.
    Yes, I too (Aunt) thank Him that you were kept safe both in the storm and from fires that were around the area.

  3. Praise God for His protection and everlasting love