Tuesday, July 17, 2012

All Aboard

12th July, 2012

We have had a really busy week, but have you ever noticed, that its at these times that the kids can really step up and show you what they can do.

My parents have rented a house not to far from me after spending the last 3-4 years in a caravan and traveling around. This however, is some 440km from where they have had all their furniture and belonging's in storage.

So on Wednesday Nan & Pa picked up Master J and myself and we set off on a whirlwind trip to collect their stuff. This left Hubby and the 2 girls at home.

We collected a truck, Wednesday at 12:00 and traveled all afternoon to arrive at our destination at about 5:30pm. Thursday at 7am, we were on the road around to the storage shed to load up the trailer and the truck. God held back the rain until we just had the trailer packed. We got a bit wet putting on the ropes, but at least we could reverse the truck right up to the shed doors and lower the ramp onto the concrete floor. There was only a little bit of open area that got wet, but overall we and the furniture stayed dry. (until when we were unpacking on Friday morning we discovered that the front of the truck leaked like a screen door on a submarine). We got everything packed and was on the road by 12:30pm arriving home at 6:15pm very tired peoples. Friday 7:30am on the road again to the parents house to unpack, so they could return the truck by lunch.

Ok so the stepping up part happened for Miss Z. You see Thursday 12th was my hubby's birthday. Normally we have a meal out or take away and birthday cake. This was not going to happen with what I just informed you about. So Miss Z, armed with a birthday cake recipe book, baked a cake on Wednesday and then proceeded to decorate on Thursday so it would ready for us all to have a cake for when we got home. She also then made the evening meal for us and had it ready for when we got home. What a wonderful thing after traveling and packing to be able to walk inside have a shower and sit and eat with family. I do say shower first as three years of storage and the occasional dead mouse and the not so occasional amount of mouse poo, will want to make you shower as soon as possible.

So I know you have all been hanging out to see her creation so here it is......

And yes it was very yummy. So I can now tick off that my daughter can make a birthday cake, and she can cook ( That's her yummy pasta dish in the background) for herself and others without me being in the house. Well done Miss Z.


  1. Nice~!!

    Miss Z did awesome. :o)

  2. What an effort by miss Z- look out for the future and all the "Junior Masterchef" delights to follow. Then for miss Z - no more excuses can happen about being 'to young to do that'!
    Welcome to the world of being a 'mum'.