Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Friday 9th March to Sunday 11th March, 2012

Family Camp time with our church from Dapto. This year's theme was community and I think we did a pretty good job at making our community stronger.

It is funny what some people imagine a church camp would be like. When I mentioned it to one person the comment was made, "So you just pray all day?"

Well...... no. 

There was plenty of praising our wonderful creator, God.

There was small group time, looking at what community is and how the early church was a community in the book of Acts.

Which then lead to each group sharing their thoughts.

which then led into games for the whole family to play.

Fruit Salad - everyone is given a fruit name, either apple, orange or banana. One person is it and stands in the middle of the circle and calls out one of the fruits. Then those people that are that fruit have to get up out of their chairs and find another chair. The person in the middle will try to get to an empty chair and the last person standing without a chair is it and calls for another fruit. To make it even more interesting they can call fruit salad in which everyone has to get up and find a new chair.

Banana Tunnel ball - There's no ball, but a banana and instead of standing you are sitting in a chair passing the banana down the line. The last person then runs to the beginning while everyone moves down one chair. Once everyone has been through the person at the start has to eat whats left of the banana. That team wins.

Working as a team you had to see how quickly you could get the ball touched by every team member. With a number of rounds you had to see if your team could do better each time.

Not to mention the free time just to hang around, kick the ball and do a bit of swimming.

I can't forget to mention the food, which was fantastic and everyone pulled together to help out with the setting up and clean up for each meal.

Late night visitors and talks by the fire.

Breakfast was a bit small on Sunday morning. Not everyone likes getting out of bed a couple of hours after hopping into it.

 More Visitors

No wonder I slept well on Sunday night. What more could you ask for, great weather, great food, all to share with a great community.

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