Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Come for a Drive

Saturday 24th March, 2012

This week at church we had a guest speaker, via the dvd player. So we decided that he wouldn't notice us driving off before he even got a chance to start talking. I was told he was good, and I'm sure he is, however dvd's can be watched anytime and God's creation was beckoning.

Our trip start by driving out past the Hume Weir. It's nice to be able to see water.

Our trip then turns and winds up and down, our destination Dartmouth Dam.

 The scenery is absolutly beautiful. I love the area. I can't wait to see what heaven will be like in perfect condition. I wish it was more practical to be able to live in these surrounds. Who would need to have a holiday with that at your back door.

Anyway the dam is at 81% at the moment thanks to all the lovely rain that has been falling.

  The kids had a bit of a play while I took some photos and then it was time to head back across the wall and find some BBQ's.

 View from on top of the wall looking away from Dam.

 Once back in Dartmouth itself, we found the BBQ's and had our lunch.
Its a place we will have to go back and visit during the week. I would love to take the kids out to the power station at the bottom of the dam and visit their visitor centre to learn more about the area. It will make a great school excursion.

 After lunch we went for a walk along a foot path that took us over a little creek.
 Smelling smoke we looked around and saw that someone had lit fires along the walking track. We had just walked along there not that long before hand, so I'm glad we went on our walk when we did. I also took some snaps, just incase he was some crazy guy that just liked starting fires.
 Then it was time to play and relax.

With some time for talking as well.

It was a great way to spend the Sabbath. Outside in creation, with family and friends.

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