Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What I missed.....................

Well i have come to the conclusion that I don't blog anywhere near what I want to. It has also come to my attention that I have missed lots of things that I wanted to share with you, so I am going to do one post as a quick catch up so I can start fresh in the new year. Who knows I might keep a bit more upto date. Then again maybe at the end of next year you'll get another catch up post.

Anyway this is what I missed telling you.

I found some new signs.

We visited Royal National Park.

The clouds brewing the the distance on the above photo turned into this....


It was an awesome drive home.

We went to Kiama to met penpals from Korea.

We did a fair bit of traveling and bushwalking.

Carrington Falls.
Minamurra Rainforest water falls

We found lots of termite mounds on our walks.

We also did a bit of camping. This was at Sandy Hollow during our October holidays.
This is Bristol Point at sunrise, taken during our family camp in November this year.

Wellington Cave - October holiday

Old open cut mine at Peak Hill - October Holidays

Parkes Radio Dish - October Holiday

Bathurst Fossil and Mineral Museum - October Holiday

Wollemi National Park - October Holiday

On the road trip between Sandy Hollow and Dubbo

Visiting the Sydney Aquarium with Pobba.

Pathfinder Investiture November.

Our homeschool christmas breakup inwhich we organised a thought sport workshop. The kids got to play with hula hoops, juggling balls and  sticks.

Well I think you are caught up now on what we have been busy doing.

Look out 2011 here we come.

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  1. It makes me wonder how you have time to do the washing, feed the family and go shoping when I see all the fantastic things you get up too!!
    What an education- yes this is good proof that home schooling broardens a child's mind and life experiences. Good for you and keep up the fantastic effort.