Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

25th December 2010

Well I hope everyone had a great christmas day. We had a very quiet day at home.

We did walk ourselves up to the church on the corner at 8:30am to go to their church service. It was an interesting service taken by the Grinch. Yes you read right. That green creature by Dr. Zeus, popped in and told everyone about the first grinch of Christmas.

Anyway we were back home at 9:30 to make a mess.

Miss Z did an excellent job on Hubby's present. She cross stiched onto a black cap for him.

By far the best present according to Miss E was her new bike.

At least the sun was out, which ment that she got hubby and Master J out for some races.

I guess it didn't matter as much after this that we ate too much for lunch..


  1. Christmas looked like many others- great time spent together and that's what it should be. Not sure about the green "something" experienced earlier though.
    Am sure the day also bought thought and discussion on the true meaning of Christmas- Jesus and why He chose to come to spend time on this earth.Imagine the changes in over 2000 years. Not all of them have proved to be for the better either, but thankfully we know- can be assured that Jesus still loves and cares for us same know as then.