Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pox Pox here and a Pox Pox there

Thursday 3rd December, 2009

Thats right today my lovely cherabs are wearing spots. Miss Z all day yesterday was a bag or miserable. headachy, tired, glad swollen behind the ears. Master J was also complaining which then lead Miss E to complain. Nothing an early night and a good sleep will fix.
Then this morning I was called into the bathroom. "Look at these bites mum"
" Um I don't think they are bites" and as more appeared I quickly googled chicken poxs and the photos matched so that good enough for me to confirm it.
Master J doesn't have as many but he has more in his head and on his eye lid. Tonight his eye is sore so I'll be watching that one closely.
Theres always something going on.

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  1. Hope they're feeling better soon, Bec. Chicken pox are no fun at all, especially on the face. Calamine lotion is good to relieve the itch, from what I recall.