Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Car Trouble

It all started last friday on my way up the mountain. There was road works going on so we had to stop and wait for the man with the sign. While sitting there I could smell something. Looked at the temp gauge only half way it should be fine. Next thing I know Steam wooshing out everywhere. Luckly there was room to move off the road. Lifting the bonnet I had water and steam going everywhere. By God's mercy the RTA guys were lovely. " Don't worry, we have plenty of water. We'll get you back on the road". And so it was they chatted with me and got a bucket of water from their truck. After a while the slowly undid the cap and let more steam out. A while later I turn the car back on while they slowly poured the water in. They even then moved down behind my car to stop the traffic with their sign while I turned around and head back for home. We got back to Kangaroo Valley which was only about 7-8km away. We found a nice shaddy tree and parked under there for a while. Master J and Miss Z were with me so we walked the streets of Kangaroo Valley. Its not a very big place so we stopped for ice cream as well. About 1 hour had passed so I rang the Holden place expecting that being Friday afternoon my car would have to wait until Monday. But no they said bring it straight in and they would just check to make sure everything was ok.
We continued on our way, up the mountain, down the mountain and into town. Holden have just built them selves a new you bute building so we got to sit on a nice couch drink cold water, the hot chocolate was not so nice and wait.
After a while I was told that the car was still boiling and that it was not in a condition to be driven anywhere, we would have to leave the car over the weekend. Please be warned, your fan is not working, thermostate is not working and because of the heat the head gasket is probable shot.
what sort of weekend did you think I had.
We are blessed greatly though as Hubby's boss lent us one of their cars and let hubby come home at 3 so he could collect us and take us home after our little adventure.
Monday: Thermostate is not working and parts need to be ordered. Everything else looks ok but nothing will be confirmed until Tuesday when they put in the new thermostat.
Tuesday: Thermostat is in. The old one was blocked but the engine is still boiling. We need a new water pump. That too has to be ordered in so maybe by wednesday we will have the car back.
Wednesday: It is a sit and wait game.... To be continued..................


  1. Oh no what a pain! Oue last car used to break down all the time.

  2. Interesting blog.