Sunday, November 22, 2009

One Giant Leap........

Is it always a giant leap when trying something new?
My life has been full of giant leaps this last 12 months it seems.
My hubby got offered a job 1000km away so we took it. Along with the move came the decision to homeschool.

The homeschooling part was just until the end of the year so we cuold get ourselves settled and look around our new diggs. But it is a lifestyle that grows on you. In January this year after our 2nd move, it was time to suss out the schools but you know what happened, the kids didn't want to go back. So a homeschooling family we have become.

Now I am blogging. Maybe this step is not so giant after all.


  1. Congratulations on joining the homeschooling, blogging sisterhood!
    Did you say you take photos? Is the header one of yours? Its cute. Looking forward to seeing more.
    Joanne from TRP.

  2. Yes the photo is mine. Thanks for my first comment

  3. Hey there Bec,
    Just wanted to stop by and visit you officially in blogging land. :)
    Looking forward to more visits in the future.
    alecat (Catherine)

  4. Thank God you did decide to homeschool, we would miss you all terribly otherwise.