Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Noise, Noise and still more noise

Well, yesterday and today our peace and tranquility have been scared with the noise of heavy machinery.

It all started a few months back when the granny flat of our house got new tennants. Someone came to visit who happens to work in the fire service somewhere and they commented that the bush was too close to the granny flat. So someone from the fire service came to assess the property. Apparently the land around our yard is crown land and when I was speaking to the fire guy he said that they would do controlled burn but not this year as it was too late in the season. This is when I found out about there needing to be 20 metres between bush and buildings. Not thinking anymore about it we went on with life.

Then one day I come home to discover 2 men standing in our front yard. Well the wern't in our yard, but just the other side of the fence. Introducing himself to me was a man from the shire, "The owner of the land" and a contractor. They had been slapped with a fire reduction thingo, so here they were assessing what needed to be done. 2 more visits leads us up to yesterday when the heavy machines were rolled in. I'm a bit upset that I didn't think to take any before photos to show those of you who havn't been to our place the difference, but for those that have, you will see the difference.

The big beasty that has done all the clearing

Some of the big pines that where knocked down.

Loading up the pines to take to the mill.

Over our back fence. Until yesterday you really couldn't see the fence or beyond as it was just masses of bush and weeds and trees.

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