Friday, September 28, 2012

Life Skills

28th September, 2012

Well if your life was anything like mine, you would move alot. Along with moving there would be repairing, as most cheap furniture does not like being moved from house to house to house to house. And so it was for one of my bookshelves. No longer did it stand square and rigid, but instead swayed rather alot. Something that did not promise to hold my books very well at all.
Now being the cheap person that I am, I didn't want to go buy another bookshelf just to replace one that I already had. Hey I've still got books in boxes due to a lack of bookshelves, so it was a much cheaper option to buy some wood and do some repairing.
Figuring that if my kids turn out anything like me, they too will have the gypsy blood in them, so they will need to know how to fix things as well. 
So out in the garage, Hubby watching the use of his tools, told the kids what the aim was and set them to work.

The end result..............

No more swaying and the shelves stay in place. Now my cook books have a home.

Thanks Master J and Miss Z.

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