Friday, June 22, 2012

Imagination at work

Its always good when one's child has an imagination. Miss E loves pulling out the train set and making a railway line. Nothing compared to what Dad has, and certainly not the same without a remote, but it gives her a chance to play around with track layouts and to work out out to join everything up. Todays track has been confined to a small area. I got sick of having to step over train track to walk from the lounge to the kitchen. Not a bad effort for having to stay on one side of the room.

How ever, its not long until the transport empire has been laid to one side and an agricultural empire has been made.

Home made carrots, tomato, lettuce and cauliflower can be seen in the above photo. On the vegie patch is one tiny orange seed, there are more coming. After all you need the seeds to be planted to be able to produce the crop.

A small pond for the water, complete with lilly pads

She even made a rake to be able to work the vegie patch.

Amazing what some coloured paper, sticky tape and scissors can do. OH and an imagination.

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