Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nan and Pop's 60th Wedding Aniversary Weekend

September 10-12th, 2010

Friday 10th we braved the weather to drive down to Wangaratta for a very special weekend.

 The flooding in Wangaratta peaked on the Wednesday, so had gone down alot by Friday when we arrived. Still it wasn't down to normal levels yet.
 This is the Ovens River near the caravan park were we stayed. The river should be on the other side of the trees that you can see in the water.

 This guy was totally cut off. As you can see his yard is very small at the moment. Good for getting out of mowing.
 This shows how much high the water was only 2 days ago. This bit of wood has been wedged inbetween 2 tree as it was hurled along by the raging waters.

Saturday 11th

As the weekend was a surprise for Nan and Pop we chose to make ourselves disappear on Sabbath. What better way than going out to Bright.

 Here we are playing follow the leader. Uncle B was our fearless leader. As he was the local we all hoped he knew where he was going, cause we didn't. Brother S and his family were 2nd in charge. Mum and Dad 3rd and we followed up the end.
 After having a great BBQ at Bright we called back into the Red Stag, a deer farm, for the kids to feed the local. We got to admire the views. Look at all that snow.

 This is a very rare sight. Sister M with no tongue.

Sunday 12th, 2010.

The Big day. Nan & Pop's 60th Wedding aniversary.

 It was only a half surprise as someone let the cat out of the bag. But it was still a surprise as to who was actually coming. Nan and Pop walked into the church hall to the wedding March played by me.

 After a very yummy lunch of soup and sticky date puddings, it was time to cut the cake.

Then it was family photo time.

You will notice the Master J isn't exactly happy on the floor. He was feeling rather overwelmed by all the girl germs.

Thats all folks.


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  1. 2nd try to add to your Blog.
    Thanks for a great report. Photos are great except the last one!! No, really, even it says what a great day was had bny all. I believe Nan & Pop enjoyed their day with the family and that was the purpose. Thank you for all your help despite power difficulties.