Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cup Biscuits anyone?

2nd July, 2010

We have taken on visiting a nursing home and doing some activities with the residents there. For our first adventure together we thought we would make some cup biscuits. So before doing it at the nursing home we thought we had better have a go at making them ourselves.

First you need a packet of Tic Toc Biscuits, a roll of musk life savers, Marshmallows, Chocolate Freckles and icing sugar.

You need to cut the musk life savers in half. We found that most of the time it was easier to break them in half with your fingers. You also need to make up a paste with icing sugar and water. You do not need a lot.

Take a  marshmallow and put a small blob of icing sugar paste on the bottom and join to a biscuit.
Take half of a musk and join it to the marshmallow with some icing paste.
Take a chocolate freckle and put some more icing paste on the bottom and join to the top of the marshmallow. Repeat steps until all biscuits have been made.

They look great, they taste great.


  1. How did the residents enjoy making the biscuits, they look 'yummy'- you are doing a great work for some very special people.

  2. There were only a couple that could handle the fiddliness of it, but they enjoyed themselves.
    I like to eat them better the next day.